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Last year’s Sous Chef Series was only the first course: This year, Sous Chef Series and its brand-new look delve even more deeply into the day-to-day world of the chefs behind the chefs.

Each Monday, a free Sous Chef Series email subscription introduces you to one of the culinary world’s up-and-comers and provides you with an exclusive recipe from this talented chef. Then, Williams-Sonoma and Tasting Table follow these young professionals out of their restaurants and into their home kitchens, as these chefs cook their recipes at home. Throughout the series, we invite members to take a peek into the personal life of the country’s most exciting sous chefs. Join today for free


  • Get to know the chefs from Sous Chef Series as Williams-Sonoma and Tasting Table introduce you to a new talent each Monday.
  • Follow each chef with the help of photo-driven feature, which offers a glimpse inside the personal kitchens--and lives--of these chefs while they shop at local market and cook at home.
  • Experience a simple recipe from an up-and-coming chef, with handy tips and techniques for making the dish successfully. Each recipe is demonstrated through photos in the chef’s home.
  • Get recipe and cooking help: Sous Chef Series members can email, Tweet, or Facebook message a dedicated Sous Chef Series hotline and expect a quick, helpful response from a knowledgeable cook.
  • Purchase a recommended set of cookware and tools helpful for cooking each recipe. Sous Chef Series members also have the opportunity to purchase the products online.